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Exploring Ecotourism

Exploring Ecotourism in the Americas
An Online Resource Guide


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Last Updated: Tuesday, January 15, 2002

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Planeta.Com Working Document

The year 2002 has been declared the "International Year of Ecotourism" by the United Nations (click here for our exclusive guide). This is a time for celebration as "ecotourism" achieves its potential around the globe.

The website -- -- deals broadly with environmental travel in the Americas. This section is a book-in-progress intended for travelers, researchers and entrepreneurs interested in exploring ecotourism. We explore both the definitions as well as the applications. Regional profiles are included as well as useful references. The goal is to have this document in print by the end of 2001.

While this is a practical guide, this document is not a cheerleading effort. We pay close attention to the problems that promoting nature tourism may cause physical and cultural environments. We're also paying attention to what the United Nations does in preparation for the 2002 event. Feel free to make suggestions, either via email or using our online club.

Ron Mader, Webhost


Part One: Ecotourism in the Americas

  1. Latin American Ecotourism - What is it?
  2. 2002: International Year of Ecotourism
  3. Community Tourism Issues
  4. Indigenous Groups and Ecotourism
  5. Stones in the Road: Obstacles to successful ecotourism development
  6. Positive Trends
  7. NGOs and Non-profits

Part Two: Profiles

  1. Cross-Border Regions
    - Amazon
    - Great Lakes
    - Sonoran Desert
    - Mundo Maya

  2. Mexico
    - Ecotourism and Spirituality in Mexico
    - Mexico Ecotourism Network (Red Mexicana de Ecoturismo)
    - Mexican Ecotourism Index
    - Mexican Parks and Protected Areas

  3. Honduras

  4. - Honduras' Parks and Protected Areas

  5. Costa Rica
  6. Ecuador

Part Three: The Insider's Guide to Ecotourism

Travelers' Tips

  1. Deciding where to go and how to travel

  2. Choosing an Ecotour

  3. - Practical hints for travlers: what to take
    - Directory of Spanish Language Schools

The Business of Ecotourism

  1. Creating an Ecotourism Business
  2. Financing Ecotourism
  3. Communications strategies: How to promote ecotourism on and off the web
    Practical hints for businesses: how to write a media release

  4. Translation: Como escribir un boletin de prensa
    Practical hints for individuals and non-profits: how to fill out grant forms
    Practical hints for tourism promoters: how to organize a fam trip
    -Marketing Ecotourism on the Internet
  5. Evaluating Ecotourism Certification
  6. E-commerce
  7. Practical hints for ecommerce
    Artesania and Crafts
  8. Guide Training
  9. Food
  10. Greening hotels and restaurants
    -Green Building Resources in Latin America



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